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I’m not sure why but I haven’t been able to load WordPress’s ‘reader’ page for a few days. If you’ve posted something awesome and I haven’t commented, it’s not because I’m ignoring you. I just can’t see you.

As of this morning I have successfully contained all goats but one- the little buck is still escaping somehow. The big buck is in the field with the does, we’re hoping for December kids this year. Our winters don’t really kick off until January or February, so the babies will have time to grow a bit before it gets dangerously cold. They will also be four months old by Easter, and that makes for some nice early sales. The secondary herd is looking like it will become a reality later in September- hopefully in time for October breeding and more normal March/April kids for fall sale and slaughter.

I’m contemplating moving my blog to a new name and address. I have my reasons. If it happens, I will try to let the right people know.

30 Days of Loki: Day 9, Part Two


Nono’s interpretation of ‘just what happened to Baldr anyway?’ plus tons of comments that, collectively, go a very long way toward explaining some of the unquiet whispers in my own head on this subject. Also, the new blog banner is effing hilarious.

Originally posted on The Serpent's Labyrinth:

IX. Common mistakes about this deity

I am doing a list of seven common and annoying misconceptions I’ve run into regarding Loki (and Lokeans): 1-6 is here.  My complicated thoughts and feelings on #7 require me to make this a post in and of itself and here it is:

MISCONCEPTION #7: Loki killed Baldur.  It was an unnecessary death, and a pure act of malice on his part.  May Loki be bound!


Did you know, for example, that there are two accounts of Baldur’s death?

In the most well-known account of Baldur’s death, Baldur begins to have dreams that he is going to die.  Because both his father (Odin) and mother (Frigga) have seership talents, these dreams are taken seriously.  Frigga goes into Protective Mother and decides to journey through all the realms and takes a vow from every person, animal, plant…

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Upcoming Christmas in April Fundraising

From the St Mary’s County Interfaith Council, there are some upcoming opportunities to help out with fundraising for our county’s Christmas in April program. Please help spread the word!

Saturday, 11 July 2015 @ the St Mary’s County Fairgrounds from 0800-1100 hrs
– Organizers will be selling all sorts of building materials from nails to windows to TVs to sinks to cabinetry, with proceeds to benefit Christmas in April. All items are sold “As Is”

Wednesday 15 July 2015 @ Chik-Fil-A in California from 1700-1900 hrs
– “Spirit Night” to benefit Christmas in April, some proceeds to be donated to Christmas in April

That’s all for now. As usual, I’ll keep sharing any information I get about opportunities to help out other humans in my local area.

A note on the password protected post

Some things are simply not for public consumption. There is nothing inappropriate in the Midsummer2015 post, rather there is much that should stay within a community. If you are interested in reading the post, please email me (LKTraining . somd @ gmail . com and remove the spaces) and I will probably give you a password. Probably.

Protected: Summer Solstice 2015

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Happy Summer!

So I’ve been out of touch for a while but it’s not for lack of things to talk about. . I just finished planning and leading a midsummer rite for our local community and the garden and goats are keeping me on my toes.

The rite went beautifully. I am beyond thrilled at the turnout and the magic and the community. To everyone who encouraged me, helped me, camped with me, hailed our Holy Powers with me, and brought the awesome to the potluck… Thank you and gods bless!

A Very Good Thursday Morning To All Our Brothers & Sisters Of The WOTC!


Please help if you can. This Lady is a treasure on earth and she needs some assistance.

Originally posted on Witches Of The Craft®:

Good morning brothers & sisters of The Craft. I know you are not use to hearing from me but today is not a good day for me or anyone else here. We received a phone call from down in Tennessee yesterday. It was in regards to a cougar that was going to be killed unless it could be relocated. As you know, Lady Abyss is an enchantress and does this work all the time. She immediately got into the truck we use for such captures and relocations. Lady A and two others went to retrieve the cougar  and relocate. She managed to calm the cougar and entice it into the container. All seem to be fine.

On the way back to Kentucky is when the disaster struck. The driver of the truck lost control of it and ran off the road. Thank goodness, they were traveling on an interstate and…

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