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Happy Summer!

So I’ve been out of touch for a while but it’s not for lack of things to talk about. . I just finished planning and leading a midsummer rite for our local community and the garden and goats are keeping me on my toes.

The rite went beautifully. I am beyond thrilled at the turnout and the magic and the community. To everyone who encouraged me, helped me, camped with me, hailed our Holy Powers with me, and brought the awesome to the potluck… Thank you and gods bless!

A Very Good Thursday Morning To All Our Brothers & Sisters Of The WOTC!


Please help if you can. This Lady is a treasure on earth and she needs some assistance.

Originally posted on Witches Of The Craft®:

Good morning brothers & sisters of The Craft. I know you are not use to hearing from me but today is not a good day for me or anyone else here. We received a phone call from down in Tennessee yesterday. It was in regards to a cougar that was going to be killed unless it could be relocated. As you know, Lady Abyss is an enchantress and does this work all the time. She immediately got into the truck we use for such captures and relocations. Lady A and two others went to retrieve the cougar  and relocate. She managed to calm the cougar and entice it into the container. All seem to be fine.

On the way back to Kentucky is when the disaster struck. The driver of the truck lost control of it and ran off the road. Thank goodness, they were traveling on an interstate and…

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Happy Anniversary to me

WordPress reminded me that today is my fourth year anniversary of blogging on WordPress. You guys have been reading my stuff for four years? And you haven’t hunted me down, cursed me for foolishness or found something else to occupy your time?

Aww, thanks! :)

Tribute to Christopher Lee: Epic Saruman Speech


There is not enough awesome left in this world to fill the void.

Originally posted on Metal Gaia:

Christopher Lee died on June 7th at the age of 93 after being hospitalized for respiratory problems and heart failure. He is known as the master of horror, and is famous for his portrayal of Dracula and Saruman in Lord of the Rings. His career as an actor, singer and writer has spanned near 70 years. What is lesser known is he also was involved in metal music. He was involved in Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross. He was also honored with the “spirit of metal” award at the 2010 Metal Hammer Golden Gods award ceremony.

RIP Christopher Lee. You truly were a living legend in modern times.

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Accidentally a teacher

So I’ve been in the same teaching spot for the last seven weeks. I have certainly appreciated the long term pay rate, but I’m reminded of the reasons why I rarely take long term assignments. Planning, grading, field trips, parents, grading, more planning, more parents…

I’m not good at sugar coating things.

And these kids are used to having everything sugar coated.

I finally got through their entitled skulls and put zeros into all the empty spaces which dropped most of them straight into Epic Failure range. After the screaming stopped the work started to appear on my desk as if by magic.

The hardest part has been convincing the parents that I do in fact have the right to sit in a conference and tell them that their precious angel is a loud, rude, ignorant little beast who never turns in any work and has been known to chew on the edges of test papers before handing them back- blank.

If I said a fraction of what I want to say to these kids I’d probably lose my job. Things like (some of these are *very* unpleasant.)

“Get over yourself.”

“No one will pay you just for showing up and looking cute- at least not legally.”

“Do your goddamned work and quit bitching.”

“You need an attitude adjustment- preferably *before* prison.”

“Stop hiding your talent under this airheaded mask.”

“Please aspire to be more valuable than this.”

“You are a friggin’ idiot because you choose to be a friggin’ idiot.”

“You’re a friggin’ idiot.”

“Please please please get away from him while you still can.”

((I have omitted several statements referring to what I believe to be unhealthy attitudes toward sex and sexuality in the students I have seen. Some future news articles will undoubtedly feature some names which will be painfully familiar to me as both victims and suspects.))

“You’re a thief and a liar.”

“Get your head out of your ass and look at the failures around you. You have more potential than this.”

“College is not a good idea for you.”

“Please drop out now and go for your GED when you’re more mature because you are dragging everyone down with you.”

“Please get out of this school and go somewhere where you can work to your potential.”

“Please ask for help.”

“Please stop doing that to yourself.”

“Please realize that people do actually give a damn about you.”

“Please come talk to me- or anyone other than your shit-head friends.”

“Please don’t give up.”

And the one that I think more often than all the others put together: “Where the flying fuck are your parents?”

Obviously, I can’t say these out loud. I probably shouldn’t type them, given that my real name isn’t that hard to find anymore. I’m not worried about it. With a few obvious exceptions most of these demonstrate actual concern for the futures of the kids involved. I’m not sure when that concern cropped up.

Somewhere, somehow I accidentally cared about these kids. I really do give a damn about what happens to them. I wish for their sake that they were from homes I hadn’t seen from the perspective of ambulance calls for assaults and drug issues. I wish for their sake that they had learned to value something other than their looks. I wish for their sake that they had real hope for their futures. Most of them are stuck with one or all or more I haven’t mentioned.

Most of them are good kids with issues to work through. Some of them are jackasses. Even most of the jackasses have potential if they could just realize it. Some of them actually come up and ask about my day and they remember the stories I tell about the goats and want to know if the goats did anything ridiculous lately. One day I told them that my parrot learns new words in just a few sessions so after seven or eight repetitions of instructions I expect them to understand what is expected of them. Now they ask about my parrot, too. There are even a couple of them who know what’s up in the metal scene these days- the real scene, not the crap passing for metal at Hot Topic. (RIP, Real Hot Topic…)

I think what I mean is that even though they are entitled, annoying, needy, sometimes nasty little beasts… I actually started to care about these kids. I wish them well.


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