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Check this thing out because it’s playing in my head all day while I hand out band-aids and sympathy on an ambulance.

Fillmageddon ticket give away


Now I have to see if I can fit this in with all the other shows, trips and festivals I’m already committed to this fall.

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Fillmageddon at the Fillmore Silver Spring

On Saturday, October 11th two of the fall’s biggest metal tours cross paths for one night only at the Fillmore Silver Spring for a show so big it can only be called Fillmageddon! Machine Head, Children Of Bodom, Epica and Battlecross are on tour together but The Black Dahlia Murder and Suicide Silence tour was looking to play the area on the same day so rather than have competing shows they’re all playing at the Fillmore! We’re so excited around here for this show that we’re going to give one of you lucky readers of this site a free pair of tickets to this epic show. To enter: leave a comment on this post telling me which band you want to see the most. At 5pm EST this Friday, August 22nd, a winner will be chosen at random (using from all valid entries to receive two…

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Because sometimes what goes through my head has to come OUT.

They call me a god of fire, even as they watch me dive into the water. They can’t see the lesson in front of their faces. Fire and water can not mix; it is a rule. I’ve never cared much for rules. Rules are meant to be broken, or rather, circumvented. Where you see only fire or water I see flow. All things flow- even earth if you treat it right. I will flow. I will flow into every hidden path, down every back road, through every crack in your defenses. Then when I am inside… I will break your walls. So that you can rebuild them of course, without the flaw. Then I will find another crack. And I will flow, and I will break it too.




John Barleycorn Must Die — Music for Lughnasadah


For the season.

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“Environmentalism is Meaningless”

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220px-EarthfirstmonkeywrenchPatheos Pagan’s series, “Has Pagan Environmentalism Failed?” has gone live.

My contribution, A Call To War, has already garnered some grumpy attention.  Whenever one talks about Capitalism, one’s guaranteed to get any configuration of the following responses:

  • Communism is just as bad (they’re right, but it’s quite American to assume Capitalism has an opposite.  The Coke/Pepsi, Democrat/Republican, Top/Bottom dualistic thinking in the American mind is quite ingrained)
  • Capitalism isn’t the problem, it’s Industrialization (yes, yes, of course, but why’d we industrialize in the first place? To maximize profits with minimized and exploited labor through mass-production…that is, Capitalism)
  • You’re a hypocrite–you use a computer or You couldn’t have this conversation without Technology (this one gets really, really old.  As I’ve mentioned before, the notion that Capitalism is responsible for technology is ridiculous.  Worse, people are too addicted to their blue screens to realize that these conversations occur on the street…

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What are your suggestions and what are you going to do?


I like it.

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Reading Galina’s declaration that August is Polytheist Community Outreach Month:

Ancient polytheisms promoted civic virtues and involvement in one’s local community. We have a lot of tremendously talented people in polytheism today and I think we could really make a difference if we started reaching out. I know a lot of us do things already all the time and we don’t draw attention to it. Maybe we should, not to brag, but to inspire each other to go out and make a difference. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problems we face as a community, as a human community and to feel that nothing we do, no effort will ever make any difference at all. That’s not true though and when we give in to those feelings of hopelessness, we’re denying ourselves a chance to make a good, solid change. We can poke the Filter…

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Baltimore’s Grimscape in review

For the record, Grimscape rocked and I hope it becomes a regular thing. Seriously. I say this as someone who generally prefers the cleaner vocals of other sub genres but Baltimore’s newest black metal fest was fucking awesome.

Here’s the scoop.

None of the following has been requested, funded, hinted or coached by anyone. These are my opinions and the Internet is welcome to take them or leave them.

Grimscape saw the stage debut of two local bands, Hex Temple and AntiKosmos. Hex Temple definitely brought it with their sound, and I attribute some mostly technical issues to it being their first performance at a live show like this. They also had the task of opening the gates for the ritualistic/magic (because I WILL use that word) aspect of the show. That, they definitely did. The group of us that attended included but was not limited to yours truly, a fae, and a Satanist. At Hex Temple’s opening we all exchanged a look and said “yup there it is.”

I have very mixed feelings about AntiKosmos. They were fast, they were brutal, their vocalist had some impressive power and range. Unfortunately, that same vocalist was such a rude bitch off stage that I really don’t know if I can get past it. She vanished after their set- didn’t lift a finger to help move gear- and didn’t return until halfway through not the next band but the one after. In fact she only returned long enough to throw insults at the band then on stage in a voice loud enough to be heard by half the venue before vanishing again. And folks, I expect some jostling and shifting in the crowd as people go back and forth to the bar or to carry equipment or even as the music moves you… but don’t ever put your hands around my arm from behind and shove me to the side. Which this diva did. I held back. I did not get arrested. Those of you who know me personally can thank me later. Seriously though, her off stage performance ruined what was actually a pretty decent on stage performance for me.

The rest of the line up was worth the drive though. Inverted Trifixion and Dispellment, both veterans of the scene, actually had a larger crowd than the headliner. I attribute this to some of the most in your face brutal black metal it has ever been my dark joy to experience live. I kind of expected something to randomly combust from the unholy power. It was fucking glorious. Personally I got a bigger thrill out of Dispellment and their fuller, richer sound but that’s my own preference. I got a moment to meet the Dispellment crew after the show and they were all totally chill which I appreciated. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future performances.

PACT, though, PACT was an experience. The crowd thinned out while they were setting up which I didn’t understand at first. Then as I watched the circle and seals come out with some truly fascinating and darkly disturbing little bits and pieces, I could see why. PACT means it. People left. We stayed. I don’t think I could describe their music if I had to. Crawl to your own execution through stinking marsh on your hands and knees, beat away the ravens that just don’t want to wait until you’re all the way dead. It kind of sounded like that. At least one of them was tranced out from the first note to the last and I’m not sure I want to know what he was seeing. I was aware of my wings. I am normally not aware of them except during fire circle or in trance. I was stone cold sober and wide awake and aware of my wings during their ritual/set. I could feel myself rustling them and stretching in time with the headbangers up front. The space behind and to the side of me cleared out a little bit which makes me wonder if anyone else spotted them. PACT was for real.

If any of my readers are metalheads who like their sound as black as I like my coffee, check these guys out. The YouTube has some of their work but it pales in comparison to the live show.

And seriously, support local music, y’all.

This unsolicited review has been brought to you by an opinionated dragon, a kindle, and slow summer evenings.


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