And now it is

And now it is Yule. I am still not quite into the cabin… err… shed. Yes, shed. It’s a shed with some mighty cool features since I spend quite a bit of time in it. Well, a good friend of mine and I will be there. We are building a sanctuary within a sacred grove of infant trees. They are younger than I, these beautiful white pines, and they whisper their dreams to me in my sleep. They dream beautiful dreams. I would see their dreams come true.

The ca- shed site is still a small disaster and it looks like the latest in trailer park yard decoration fashion. It’s temporary though. I need to sort everything into the correct recycling, burn, and waste piles. I don’t think I’ll be able to decorate for Yule this year. That’s ok though. It will happen again, holidays tend to do that. The cat picks her way daintily through the mess and hops up to the dormant altar. The Temple Cat is wondering why it’s all been put away and where the buzzy warm magic things went and most of all where is her food, mommy?

I have to keep the food in the camper because the chickens will eat it. Bugs are hard to find for them this time of year so they happily peck at the cat food, goat food, people food. Everything is chicken food if you ask them. They don’t care that it’s Yule. As long as they find food every day is a good day.

The goats know something’s up, but they care more about stuffing their faces with the things that smell so sweet and delicious in the farmhouse. They really want the treats strung up in the whispering baby pines for the wild junco and the titmice and the little downy woodpecker. I don’t need a tree or decorations inside. I’ll deck the smooth barked halls of pine and holly with treats and baubles for birds and spirits alike. I’ll burn fragrant resins on fires of deadfall- the trees don’t seem to mind a carefully tended fire of deadfall. We will feast on the bounty of the last season, goat and squashes and fresh greens still growing in the cold. We’ll raise our voices and our cups to honor the season and one another.

Because now it is Yule.

Basics of The Yazidi Religion

Originally posted on Metal Gaia:

Yazidis represent one of the smallest and yet oldest Monotheistic religions on the planet –
their religion is believed to be around 6,000 years old in fact. Yet throughout their long history they have faced 72 genocides and soon they may unfortunately be facing genocide number 73 at the hands of the group formerly known as ISIS (Which now calls itself “The Islamic State”). Why all the hate towards this small, but ancient group of people? This is due to one major misconception about their religion – the idea that they worship Satan. Not only do the Yazidis not believe in a devil, but they don’t believe in hell either. In fact, the evil Satan is more of a reality in the Judeo-Christian religions than for the Yazidis.


The reason for this misconception is because they believe that God created the Earth and…

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Yule Poetry, pt 1 of ?

Gather the boughs

(note: I’m not sure what ‘crystal’ refers to either, since the only crystals I own are big chunks of quartzes, amethysts and obsidian)

Clear the crystal and wipe away
the dust and dreams of every day
Brush the snow and tears aside with
Boughs of fresh pine and cedar

Gather the pine and cedar
Gather the holly and bay

Clear your hearts and the morning sky
of clouds and rain and winds that sigh
Brush the worn out year aside with
Boughs of fresh pine and cedar

Gather the pine and cedar
Gather the holly and bay

Clear will shine the stars at night
and clear the morning sun so bright
Brush the waning year aside with
Boughs of fresh pine and cedar

Gather the pine and cedar
Gather the holly and bay

We will gather the holly boughs
And we will gather the fragrant bay
Gather fall and build the fire
To feast on Solstice Day

Gather the pine and cedar
Gather the holly and bay

Kids and Christmas Carols and a Pagan teacher?

Huh. Well this is interesting.

I’ve actually got a pretty good group of kids to deal with right about now, so they’re doing book work while I play through my list of assorted Christmas carols on the computer. It didn’t even occur to me that the carols are awfully religious to be playing in a public school. I think I’m the only one who noticed though. And I only noticed because most of them aren’t from my preferred religion.

It’s just pretty music to them.

Lesson, much?

New Networking Option

For those of you who use it, feel free to track me down on Google+

I’m not sure how active I’ll be, since it’s really just one more thing to keep track of, but it looks like a fairly well designed interface and I figure it’s worth a shot for business and blog promotions. Everything is being done with me real name, using Imbrium as a secondary name and useable search term. I’m integrating my lives.


Seriously just imagine some great creature stirred from slumber, slowly swinging its massive scaled head around toward the chatter you and yours were ignorantly making, thinking the great hill you were sheltering under was in fact only a hill. It’s a deep bass rumble, at the very bottom of your range of hearing, and it shudders through you and scatters your beasts who clearly have more sense than you. Is that an eye blinking open?

There is a lot of swearing ahead and very little political correctness. I am going to try very hard to make my point without talking about the shit I’ve had to deal with because I don’t think that will be very helpful. Other bloggers please take note because I’m really sick of hearing everyone’s sob story. This here generally empathic and sympathetic human has had efuckingnough of your sob stories and I will be exercising a little self care right about now.

I just read my WordPress Reader and checked up on my email. It’s been a while, so there was a lot of Dreck to get through.

So much utter bullshit.

If you are one of those readers of mine who is going to want to yell at me from some pedestal of righteous superiority please go away right now. If you’re going to whine at me about how I should be more sensitive then please go away. If you seriously think that your outlook on the world is in some way better because you have expressed some political correctness recently then please go away. Just go.

Fuck your hashtag waving, keyboard activism. Lives matter. Period.

Humans fuck up. Sometimes we get each other killed because we are stupid but mostly it seems we kill each other because we are afraid. We will take any excuse and I mean ANY excuse to hurt each other because we are hateful, fearful, petty and brutal. Primarily coompassionate humans are a minority and most of us dance between the two extremes, just waiting for the right trigger to set off our brutish or tender sides.

Some of the best people I have ever known were cops. So were some of the worst. If you hate all cops because they are cops then you would have hated me until about a year ago so please fuck off.

If you don’t like a decision made by a legal body than feel free to say so. Please. Say it loudly and often. More importantly, find legal ways to change something. (I stress legal because if you are arguing against a legal entity then you’d best be arguing and functioning within the legal lines. Self preservation first. Vote the bastards out, get out and PEACEFULLY make their flaws known so that other people will help you vote them out. For the appointed instead of elected officials there are sometimes complex but viable appeals processes. Do your research, do the legwork. I’ll be glad to point you in a direction if you don’t know where to start.) The individuals who elected to respond by setting things on fire and hurting other people? I have no respect for you. None. You can also fuck right off.

Assuming you bothered to read this far and didn’t just run off in a butthurt huff, let me make sure you understand what I’m NOT saying.

I’m NOT saying that you are wrong to be angry. There is a lot wrong with our society right now. No one should face discrimination because of something they were born with. However, if you prove by your actions that you are a miserable sack of dogmeat masquerading as a human, then I am going to discriminate against you personally. Not a whole group that looks or sounds or whatevers like you- just you. Because you are an asshole.

I’m also NOT saying that people in uniform are always right. Most of them are good people with varying degrees of psychological calluses built up around the layers and layers of stress and anxiety and outright hostility they deal with every day. Some of them have taken too much damage and don’t belong in a uniform anymore. Some of them never should have been in a uniform to start with.

Did any of the people who have died so publicly recently deserve it? Well, everyone has to die of something. Just ask all the people dying not so publicly. Does that make it right? Hon, this may horrify you but I don’t object to killing people if the situation requires it. (Yes, I just said that all lives matter. Mine matters the most to me. Self-honesty, people, try it.) Did these situations require it? I don’t know. You know why I don’t know? Because I wasn’t there. You know what? Neither were you. Video clips that don’t show how something started are NOT the same thing. Try making a complicated dish using only the last third of the instructions and no ingredient list. Good luck. I only held a commission for a brief period and worked in a pretty low key area so I do not feel qualified to comment further. Please take that hint.

I don’t even know what to tell you at this point. I know perfectly well that this rant isn’t going to go anywhere. I know that my words will do nothing to stop the fires. Burn, then, if you can’t manage to get your shit together and deal with people instead of your own inner prejudices. Burn, then, if you can’t manage to discuss feasible, positive efforts instead of painting your fear across the world with the widest brushes you can find. Burn, then, in your own fears and ignorance and prejudices.

I can smell the proverbial smoke from here. Maybe I’ll roast some goat and veggies on the coals, assuming I survive the conflagration.

At least I have goat and veggies to roast. I do at least have an idea of how to function when this society makes its slow Roman-style collapse. Oh wait, it already is. If you remember nothing else from all of the frustrated obscenity above, remember this. As angry as this is making you, I tell you it is a distraction. What color your skin is or what job you held before will no longer matter. When energy systems fail, and distribution of food fails, and communications infrastructure fails, and war comes to our softened shores, and disease outstrips our hindered science, and blood flows for gods and godless alike- it will not matter. Melodramatic? Metaphoric? Mythical? Yes but all still true. I dream and I Dream and I see and I See. And all I See is Fire.

Build, instead of tearing each other apart. Be ready instead of complacent. Or burn.

Full Long Night’s Moon

In this part of the Mid-Atlantic, the full moon in December is usually referred to as the Long Night’s Moon. Since the evening was well underway by 1700 local time, and I fed the goats by flashlight at 0630 the next morning, I think it is well named.

I have noticed something kind of interesting as the nights have grown longer. Perhaps it is because I am no longer working shift work. Perhaps it is because I am spending almost all of my non-working time (which is most of my time, seeing as I only have the part time gigs) outside. Perhaps it is just because I’m in a better and more aware place. My own natural rhythms have fallen into step with the world around me. By dark, I’m tired. I wake up as the morning brightens. My sense of mid-day is still pretty accurate, even when I’m inside a building. I’ve had three months of regular menstrual cycles too, which might be TMI for some readers but that’s the first time that has happened in at least five years. I will be keeping an eye on my rhythms as the year turns. I’m very curious to see if this trend continues.

In other news the full moon was looking down on newly installed rafters at the building site. I had a great crew the other day and we got a lot done. It will be habitable soon. Which is good because the moon was also looking at some new leaks in the camper.


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